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Care Tips

Avoid Direct Sunlight
Keep your Relixer loots away from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight in order to prevent any yellowing.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals
Avoid using cleaning agents containing harsh chemicals to clean your Relixer loots. You can use handsoap if there is a need to clean.

Heat Resistance
Keep your Relixer loots safe and away from high heat as our products only have a heat resistance of 50-55ºC.




Resin will turn yellow overtime as all plastics will. Please avoid leaving your Relixer loots under direct sunlight for a prolong period in order to extend the lifespan of your loots. Daily wearing when out and about or a trip to the beach is perfectly fine. Also avoid lighter colours such as white if you are particular about yellowing.

Although our products are made durable, they are not indestructible and definitely will not be able to withstand chewing.

Depending on the shape of the tag (e.g. Hexagon and Heart), the coating can be thinner at where the hole to attach the jumpring is. This is because the molds come with the holes and to prevent the coating overflowing and covering up the hole, the coating will be placed thinly nearer to the hole.

After much trial and error, we have settled on using a thicker jumpring to attach the keyrings or clasps to the tags. We have settled on jumprings as the tags can be thick and a keyring can scratch the tag. Although the jumpring is thick, please do not attach a leash directly to the tags as the they are not made for pulling. Lastly, check the condition of the jumprings regularly in order to prevent losing the tags. We are not responsible for lost tags. Please note that the jumprings used for charms are very thin and are not suited for tags that will be used frequently in adventures or roughhousing amongst dogs.

In order to help you better care for your Relixer loots, every order comes with a little pouch for you to keep your loots when not in use!

As our tags are handmade, no 2 tags are exactly alike and they can have minor imperfections. 

Please also note that at times, the coating can take longer to dry which can cause delays in mailing out your order. If you need the order by a specific date, please try to order in advance to avoid any disappointment due to delays. Please do not order if you need it urgently as we are not able to speed up the process.